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Celebrating our 9th Founder’s Day

We marked the glorious milestone of completing 9 years of our journey with celebration of Founder’s Day.

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An award winning talent acquisition cloud platform partners with V2STech

An award winning HR technology firm partners with V2STech to bring innovation to recruitment industry.

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At NASSCOM Tech Innovation Conclave (NTIC) as a sponsor

As an exhibitor and sponsor we got to interact with the attendees at our booth as we showcased our V2STech brand.

API gateway
Microservices Product Development

How API gateway can help with microservice challenges

API gateway can enable product teams manage the entire API lifecycle better. Get better control from publishing API to managing access for all users.

design sprint
Product design UI / UX

Business-centric UX Vs. Customer-centric UX

Business-Centric UX or Customer-Centric UX: Which is better?

diwali celebration
Company News

Diwali festivities

Celebrating Diwali with lights and sweets at V2STech

Product Development Software development

Strategies to make your product stand apart from competition

Here are popular strategies and frameworks for prioritizing product features that can help your product to stand apart from competition.

Product Development Software development

Using CI/CD pipelines for improving quality of software products

CI/CD can transform your product experience. We explore how CI/CD can help improve product quality, benefits and best practices.

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Celebrating Navratri with colours and enthusiasm

Celebrating Navratri with colours and enthusiasm

Product Development SaaS Software development

5 Scrum practices that help with Agile product development

Here are some good practices that can help product teams work more effectively with Scrum in agile methodology.