The faster one can develop a digital product, the sooner they can launch, and make more sales. The first mover advantage gives startups an edge in today’s competitive marketplace.

However it is important not to sacrifice product quality, while speeding up digital product development.

Here’s a list of strategies that product teams can utilize for building faster:

1. Use Agile methodology:

Adopting agile methodology for project management and development has many benefits. The iterative approach to development allows one to roll out MVP quickly and then built upon it iteratively. All the teams and stakeholders can get a better understanding and feedback in agile .

With agile product teams can design & ship digital apps in weeks instead of months.

2. Don’t skimp out project documentation:

It may happen that beta versions may cut out developing anything that isn’t part of the core product to improve time to market. But documentation should never be cut, skimped on, overlooked, or undervalued.

Recording decisions, coding logic, and considerations for future development are important. They go hand-in-hand with the iterative nature of agile project management.

It also makes it easier for new team members to get upto speed and get the bigger picture for your product. Having clear written documentation for reference will empower your development team, and eliminate any assumptions.

3. Utilise Testing Automation

New product versions of the application are even more commonplace in an agile development model. This necessitates the need for more testing to deal with identified issues. Automating testing means you don’t have to get your staff to do testing; you can utilise them elsewhere.

4. Identify your Target Customers:

Conduct market research to find out who your target customers are. Utilise targeted surveys, UX research and create customer’s user personas.

What problems are your users facing that your software is aiming to overcome? What are the benefits of your software to your personas?

Every member of the team, need to know who the product is made for and why they will be using the product. The answers to these questions should drive your design and development decisions.

5: Create a healthy Work Culture:

You can have the best tools, the leanest methods, and the most pristine documentation. They won’t get you anywhere without engaged, driven, capable team members.

UX designers will be the best people to make user experience decisions. The software engineers will be the best people to make coding decisions. Empower your team. Encourage them to add their full value to your product.


We hope these tips will help you speed up your product development. If you wish to scale up faster you may utilise remote IT teams to augment your in-house team for product development. We at V2STech have certified full -stack developers, UI/UX designers, cloud architects who are passionate about building world class apps.


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