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Microservices Product Development

Benefits of using Kafka for building real-time data applications

Kafka can handle real-time data pipeline with high throughput, low latency, and guaranteed reliability without tying up computing resources.

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Glimpses of celebration of India’s 75th Independence day

Glimpses of celebration of 75th Independence day at #V2STech

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APIs Integration Product Development

API governance best practices for product teams

As API is becoming an integral part of digital transformation strategy. one need to have API governance in place to build APIs at scale.

Domain Driven Design Microservices Product Development

Here’s why CTOs are running after microservice architecture

CTOs are leveraging microservices and event driven architecture as a part of product enhancement strategy to stay ahead of competition.

Mobile App Product Development Software Testing

A guide to mobile app performance testing

Performance testing is a key element in the mobile application testing. The purpose of implementing performance testing is to gather information on the application regarding speed, stability, reliability, and scalability under regulated and unregulated loads.

Cloud Product Development SaaS

Choosing between Google Cloud and AWS in 2022

Both platforms offer extensive range of cloud products and services offering significant benefits over an on-premises deployment.

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V2STech launches Virtual Exhibition Platform

From in-person exhibition to conferences, to meetings and networking, almost all aspects of in-person events have moved to virtual world.

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We welcome fresh talent to our software development team

We welcome new batch of freshers who are buzzing with energy!
The fresh talent will be a great addition to our software development team.


Using Event Driven Architecture to upgrade your software applications

Online SaaS applications are undergoing a drastic change in terms of user experience. Here’s how Event Driven Architecture can help you improve your applications.

speed up product development
Product Development SaaS Software development

5 ways to speed up Digital Product Development

The faster one can develop a digital product, the sooner they can launch, and make more sales. Here’s a list of strategies that product teams can utilize for building faster…