In this “new normal” remote software developers are most sought after by organizations. From startups to product teams in large organizations, companies are looking to cash in on the new trend. The benefits of hiring remotely are far too appealing to companies to make this a viable long term arrangement.

From bootstrapped startups, medium sized organizations, large organizations or product teams are contemplating and adapting to hiring a skilled remote team. The notion of having large teams of on-site developers may soon become a passé as corporates are warming up to the flexibility, affordability and access to top talent across the globe. We look at why this is a win-win solution for organizations looking to staff remotely:


Developers from few geographies command lower employment or hiring cost than their local peers. The difference may be due to lower taxation and other economic factors. But you still get the same skillsets and technical competency. In additional you can also save a bunch on other indirect employment costs such as hiring costs, relocation costs, rentals, employee perks, insurance and other miscellaneous costs which may come with full-time local talent employment.

Get access to global talent

When hiring remotely you can get access to global talent pool with varied exposure. You will find software developers and matching skill sets of local peers / resources. There are many professionals who prefer remote working positions over office-based positions. You can search for such curated talent through trusted platforms such as Upwork. Such platforms have a selection of verified and credible talent pool and agencies.

Hiring skilled remote software developers can help you save costs

Get domain expertise

What if your are looking for a specialized role or skillset for a short period? Need a consultant to jump in and validate or audit your project?

In such case you can hire more experienced personnel to bring in their domain expertise to your project team. The knowledge sharing across team member and thus a better designed product or software. Remote software developers tend to have more exposure and can bring in fresh zeal and new perspectives to the project too.

Considering that most online software and apps are targeted at global audience, having a cultural insights from these members can further enhance your software experience.

Flexibility with support

Hiring across time-zones can allow you to support development or carry out maintenance activities round the clock. Having a few hour time overlap between team members placed across multiple locations can be crucial during critical deadline and deliveries. You can easily scale, control the pace of development and have faster turn around.

Few amongst you may have concerns about having remote software developers on mission critical parts of your project. Such fears can be laid to rest by hiring through trusted platforms such as Upwork which have verified developers and agencies only. Such platforms also provide arbitration and support to ensure your NDAs and IPs are protected and honored.

Seeing that having a team of remote developers can provide you with a more productive, goal-oriented, nimble and skilled team; you may consider hiring remotely for your next venture or project. As for the best developer, we at V2STech Solutions have you covered. We have professionally qualified and agile developers who have worked with latest open source technologies. They have successfully delivered projects across healthcare, education, e-governance, analytical instruments, field force management and utilities verticals. Such varied and insightful exposure helps them add value to your business.

You can see why V2STech Solutions is trusted for delivering quality service across the world.

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