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Choosing between Google Cloud and AWS in 2022

Both platforms offer extensive range of cloud products and services offering significant benefits over an on-premises deployment.

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Best practices for securing microservices

With the rise in adoption of microservices, security cannot be an “afterthought” but should be a part of your product strategy right from the start.

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API Integration: Top benefits for your Business

APIs are now more important than ever! In fact, the benefits that APIs offer mean that now is a great time to integrate your business with an API.

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How to build a scalable web application for up to 1 Million users

Scalability of an application is equally important as its features. It becomes even more important if your app is going to serve more than a million users in the future.

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Top tools for monitoring microservices

Monitoring systems are critical for having a robust system running in production. When moving to microservices the increased complexity can make it difficult to understand the performance and troubleshooting problems. A robust monitoring system will allow you to gather metrics from services and infrastructure helping you tackle any issues.

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Microservices Architecture in Cloud Native Applications: Benefits and Challenges

In 2022, ‘cloud’ is considered the future of application development. The key to modernizing application development lies in one particular cloud computing component: cloud-native technology.