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API governance best practices for product teams

As API is becoming an integral part of digital transformation strategy. one need to have API governance in place to build APIs at scale.

Integration Microservices

Using Kong Gateway for repetitive service components

Placing Kong at the center of the ideal design allows the complexity of application’s service-tier APIs to be reduced.

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Benefits of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

CI/CD creates a fast and effective process of getting your product to market before your competition as well as releasing new features and bug fixes to keep your current customers happy.

APIs Integration Product Development

Types of user communication APIs that every product team should use

Most applications will use more than one type of user communications API for different parts of the user experience.

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Best practices for securing microservices

With the rise in adoption of microservices, security cannot be an “afterthought” but should be a part of your product strategy right from the start.

microservices monitoring tool
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Top tools for monitoring microservices

Monitoring systems are critical for having a robust system running in production. When moving to microservices the increased complexity can make it difficult to understand the performance and troubleshooting problems. A robust monitoring system will allow you to gather metrics from services and infrastructure helping you tackle any issues.

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Steps to migrate existing application to microservices

We chalk out a plan for migrating existing applications to microservices which enables organizations to realize benefits of microservice architecture.

event-driven architecture
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Benefits of event-driven architecture

Many popular companies work with event-driven such as leading cab aggregator apps, food ordering apps, banking apps. All of them share a smart use of real-time information provided by the customers, IoT networks, and movements in the market.

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7 benefits of using Kafka in microservices

We discuss why Kafka is a good choice while implementing microservices architecture in your software product.

Integration SaaS UI / UX

Frontend in microservice – micro frontends

Splitting frontend monoliths into smaller, simpler chunks that can be developed, tested and deployed independently is called micro frontends.