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5 Scrum practices that help with Agile product development

Here are some good practices that can help product teams work more effectively with Scrum in agile methodology.

speed up product development
Product Development SaaS Software development

5 ways to speed up Digital Product Development

The faster one can develop a digital product, the sooner they can launch, and make more sales. Here’s a list of strategies that product teams can utilize for building faster…

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Manual Vs. Automation Testing: Which one is the right fit for products?

Manual testing and automation testing are not mutually exclusive. In fact, both approaches work best when balanced according to the size of your project.

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Benefits of Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery

CI/CD creates a fast and effective process of getting your product to market before your competition as well as releasing new features and bug fixes to keep your current customers happy.

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Best Tactics to Prevent Technical Debt

Here are the best ways to prevent and manage technical debt that both startups and enterprises can implement today.

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6 tips to work with offshore teams

Outsourcing with an expert technology consultant is a great and proven way to develop high-quality products for startups and growing product teams.

Product Development SaaS Software development

Managing cost and time estimate in an Agile software project

Nearly every software development project starts with one question: ‘how much effort is this going to take in terms of time and money?’ Here’s how you can tackle your project estimates and budget using Agile development.

web application challenges
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How event-driven architecture solves web app problems in 2022

In this article, we’ll discuss some of the problems driving innovation in modern web development. We’ll dive into the basics of event-driven architecture (EDA), which tries to address these problems by thinking about back-end architecture in a novel way.

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How to select the right technology stack for your SaaS applications in 2022

The long-term success of your project heavily relies on the web application stack you choose. We explore the popular tech stacks for SaaS applications.

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Product Development SaaS Software development

How to select the right software development outsourcing vendor for your SaaS projects

Finding the perfect IT vendor for your software development with the right dedicated teams and solution expertise can be quite a challenge.