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Importance of Balancing Intuitiveness and Performance in SaaS Product Design

When developing a SaaS product, it’s crucial to strike a balance between intuitiveness and speed/performance. In this blog, we’ll explore why these two factors are so important in SaaS product design and how to achieve the optimal balance for maximum user engagement and retention.

Product design UI / UX

Using Creative Custom Illustration to build strong digital business presence

Custom illustration can serve many different purposes in web design and it can be deployed in a multitude of ways.

Product design UI / UX

UI vs UX in Product Design: What are the differences?

Are you at start of your product journey and wondering, what’s difference between UI and UX? We dig deeper for a better understanding of the differences.

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Product design UI / UX

Business-centric UX Vs. Customer-centric UX

Business-Centric UX or Customer-Centric UX: Which is better?

Product design UI / UX

Ways to improve user engagement in your app

User engagement is important because it helps to ensure that users always remain interested in your product or services.

Product design UI / UX

Evergreen SaaS product design best practices

Here are few evergreen product design principles that will always help you in creating a pleasant visual experience for any SaaS applications.

Product design UI / UX

Upcoming product design trends for 2022

In 2022 product design trends are going to focus on human-centered designs, minimalist styles, expressive fonts, and immersive animations.

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7 benefits of using Kafka in microservices

We discuss why Kafka is a good choice while implementing microservices architecture in your software product.

Integration SaaS UI / UX

Frontend in microservice – micro frontends

Splitting frontend monoliths into smaller, simpler chunks that can be developed, tested and deployed independently is called micro frontends.

Product design SaaS UI / UX

Frontend Development Basics: How to Save Time with SASS/SCSS

Knowledge management is an important element for building better conversational chatbots. With effective knowledge management, customer engagement can be improved.