Product design UI / UX

Ways to improve user engagement in your app

User engagement is important because it helps to ensure that users always remain interested in your product or services.

Product design UI / UX

Evergreen SaaS product design best practices

Here are few evergreen product design principles that will always help you in creating a pleasant visual experience for any SaaS applications.

Product design UI / UX

Upcoming product design trends for 2022

In 2022 product design trends are going to focus on human-centered designs, minimalist styles, expressive fonts, and immersive animations.

Integration SaaS UI / UX

7 benefits of using Kafka in microservices

We discuss why Kafka is a good choice while implementing microservices architecture in your software product.

Integration SaaS UI / UX

Frontend in microservice – micro frontends

Splitting frontend monoliths into smaller, simpler chunks that can be developed, tested and deployed independently is called micro frontends.

Product design SaaS UI / UX

Frontend Development Basics: How to Save Time with SASS/SCSS

Knowledge management is an important element for building better conversational chatbots. With effective knowledge management, customer engagement can be improved.

Product design SaaS UI / UX

SaaS dashboard design best practices for creating user friendly dashboards

SaaS dashboards are essential for SaaS apps to get a bird’s eye view of the business functions. We take a deep dive on UI/UX best practices for designing SaaS dashboards.