Many traditional retail business are augmenting their brick and mortar store presence with online stores or websites. Such stores have a spent decades and a fortune training their sales representatives to provide an exemplary shopping experience at their outlets. These sales reps guide and assist the customers discover latest trends, new season collection, promotions and store discounts and much more.

Chatbots create a personalized shopping experience

Across categories many brands have struggled to provide this personalized shopping experience to such customers online. Even after placing customer service agents to cater to the audience, they often falter when they have to service many customers simultaneously.

To cater to these loyal customers such online stores are adopting chatbot. Even better they are integrating virtual shopping assistant chatbots. Virtual shopping chatbots are designed to cater to all whims of online shoppers from product discovery to coupon codes and sales support.

Smart Product chatbots help in product discovery

Virtual shopping assistant chatbots help customer in product discovery journey. In general, they present the shopper with information on new collection or popular items. As the shopper shows interest they can be presented with further product information such as types of models, colors, size and such specifications.

Let’s consider an electronic store wherein the user is looking at tablets. Virtual shopping assist can serve the user with information on different models of tablets, size of tablets. It can on selection give further technical specifications such as memory, camera size, supported ports etc.

This experience is similar to a retail sales experience and makes the mundane online/website visit more personalized and engaging for the user. If needed the chatbot can even schedule a store visit for the interested customer in a snap.

Such small touches make the experience stand out and improve the customer experience. This helps in acquiring new customers online and also retaining them.

Intelligent chatbots for providing product recommendation

What if your customer is looking around for more than one item?

Intelligent shopping chatbots can infer and predict which products can be suggested to the shopper. The chatbot uses smart sentiment analysis to understand which product the shopper would most likely like to purchase.

Such engagement also elevates your brand identity and brand recall. Such tech savvy yet easy to use solution can even help engage and attract more new customers.

Get your own Virtual Shopping Assistant chatbots!

We at V2STech have created such virtual shopping chatbots which can help online shoppers on e-commerce websites, catalogue shopping websites and online boutiques. This conversational chatbot can help the customer in product discovery, share relevant product information such as technical specifications. It can even make contextual inferences using NLP and suggest product recommendations to interested shoppers.

To further remove barriers between the shoppers and the brand, the chatbot has multilingual support.

Such virtual assistants can help brands be accessible 24×7 and reach communicate with them using text, visual inputs, multimedia and even voice / audio. They even help in the in-store conversion rates and increase online sales purchases. Being highly customizable they can integrate with platform and third party services of your choice!

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