Chatbots are becoming ever popular and finding applications from being customer facing assistants, digital assistants, support agents, to transactional bots and much more. Amongst the new technologies chatbots have found fast adoption by user and across industries. The rise in popularity has been primarily due to chatbots ability to have conversations with users.

Chatbots now offer more than one ways to interact with users. We now have chatbots supporting text, voice, visual and touch inputs.

Conversational Chatbots

Chatbots are becoming smarter. They are now able to make contextual inference from user inputs and converse with user using data points and knowledge banks.

NLP and deep learning have enabled chatbots to make these contextual inferences from user inputs. This makes the interaction more human like thus putting the user in a comfort zone. These conversational chatbots are trained to prompt users with next set of responses or queries.

What is AI bringing to Chatbot?

Conversational chatbots are leveraging conversational AI to improve customer experience. Smart AI chatbots are now answering simple queries to comprehending complex requests from users. BFSI has been an early adopter for AI chatbot, but they are making their way to every niche from e-commerce applications, healthcare to education and many more.

How AI chatbots are improving efficiency

Customer facing or human customer service agents are favorably using AI chatbots to improve their productivity and service levels. Support chatbots, virtual assistants can easily service the most common requests for customers. Their 24×7 availability positively impacts customer servicing and elevates brand affinity.

Using popular open source frameworks such as Dialogflow or Tensorflow allows flexibility to scale easily and service more customers simultaneously.

Finding their places in websites and mobile apps such AI chatbots are increasingly being used across domains such as job sites, insurance sites, online shopping, catalogue shopping sites, event organizers, online learning websites and many more.

Simple chatbots can drive away your customers!

Millennials or tech savvy visitors are often left with a bitter taste by simple chatbots when they make queries beyond the simple FAQs. Scope of queries which a simple chatbots can service is rather finite and can still leave user query unanswered or the customer dissatisfied.

People tend to find automated replies which don’t answer their queries satisfactorily frustrating. This can on the contrary end up driving away your customer.

AI Chatbots are engaging more customers

This is where AI chatbots makes more sense. If your business has to deal with large number of customer requests, sales queries, support queries or tickets then AI chatbots are perfect fit for you. AI chatbots are able to engage customers smartly and also add a touch of human interaction. They provide secure, convenient and quick communication channel which is always accessible.

Leveraging the communication behavior most people are used to using in social or mobile communications on channels like Whatsapp, Messenger, Teams; conversational AI programs break down the formality of communications. Changing the perceptions of customer service as a communication channel with a business or a brand that is flexible, accessible and highly personalized can elevate your brand awareness and affinity.

We can help you build your own AI Chatbot

At V2STech we are always innovating to build highly efficient, personalized chatbots for businesses.

We have built a virtual online assistant that can help customers with product information on e-commerce platforms. This conversational chatbot is able to guide the user through product categories, share product details from catalogue and guide the shopper in making a better informed choice for a product.

Such virtual shopping assistants can be used in e-commerce or catalogue sites where products can vary in specifications or have multiple configurations. It can be a good fit for online electronics store, furniture store, stores selling virtually downloadable goods etc.

A virtual shopping assistant chatbot in action

Moving toward this trend of having an intelligent chatbots with conversational and AI capabilities will give the early adopters and edge over competitors. Offering continuous improvement in customer service, operational efficiency and reducing costs it’s an apt solution for any growing business. Conversational effectiveness can help brands with brand management, brand awareness and customer satisfaction assessment.

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