How to measure brand awareness can be quite a tricky, if not entirely challenging, process, and it should ideally be a consistent, regular practice, too.

While there is a divide as to the significance of measuring brand awareness, many marketing experts argue that it is crucial. It is a streamlined, structured, and strategic way to measure brand recognition and recall.

Consequently, tracking brand awareness is excellent for knowing which of your marketing initiatives are effective. Also, it enables you to learn more deeply how much of your marketing projects are paying off and are actively contributing to your profitability.

How to Measure Brand Awareness: 8 Effective Strategies for Accurately Measuring Brand Awareness

The tactics you use to measure brand awareness allow you to find out how familiar your target market is with your business, what your brand offers, and your brand’s unique selling propositions. This is where you find the actual value of measuring brand awareness for your company.

1. How to measure brand awareness through social listening

Listening to the people’s pulse on your socials and measuring your social media activities is a potent and effective way of tracking brand awareness, recognition, sentiments, and perception. This is because social media platforms are some of the best, most readily available channels for enhancing brand awareness and increasing your brand’s online presence. In this light, socials are some of the most easily accessible avenues for your audiences to reach out to your company.

Tracking brand awareness through keeping tabs on the number of followers on your social pages is one of the most straightforward ways to measure brand awareness. Essentially, the higher your number of followers is, the better it is for your brand, and most likely, your brand is more popular amongst your audiences.

In addition to increasing your follower base on the socials, you can also get insights on your traction and engagement per post and the entire social account at large. Find out how many social shares you get, reactions, tags and mentions, and comments.

These numbers say so much about how far your reach and brand exposure are on social media—how many times your page is viewed by how many online users, and how many times your posts appear on searches and explore pages.

This kind of information counts because you want to get people to talk about your brand and company enthusiastically. It is precisely the whole point of founding and building strong brand awareness and recognition—social engagement steps in as an efficient and cost-saving method for brand awareness measurement.

2. Using surveys for measuring brand awareness

Brand awareness surveys are some of the more tried and proven ways to help assist with brand awareness measurement.

This is a human-centric strategy of retrieving data on your brand and how your target audiences are receiving your business. Regularly conducting surveys improves your pulse check by telling you that your business is pushing forward in the right direction.

Most common ways to perform a Survey is through tools which you can put your survey of feedback forms out there along with your SaaS or software for your users to respond. Few types of surveys which you can consider bundling with your software are:

  • Interviewing users
  • Popup questionnaires on your website
  • Short poll questions
  • Stand-alone survey web page for any feature rollup
  • Email newsletters
  • Through a rewards or promotional program

You can do this type of brand awareness measurement research regularly to gather as much information as possible and gain essential insights from your survey results. It is also a great way to connect and establish a stronger rapport with your audience. When done right, this procedure for measuring brand awareness will prove rewarding for planning your software product roadmap.

3. Brand awareness measurement via Google Trends and Google Analytics

It is advisable to use Google Trends and Analytics to compare branded search words on Google and YouTube and how your branded search terms fare against your competitors. This can be monitored daily and measured as the results accumulate over time.

Google Analytics can also be integrated into your software products to track user metrics and understand user engagement and user sentiment. The report on user sessions and user flows can also help you further improve your product user-flow for a better experience.

4. How to measure brand recognition through tracking software

If you prefer a more encompassing solution for measuring brand awareness, investing in a brand tracking software suite is a beautiful way to start.

These suites for tracking brand awareness and recognition are specially designed to scan through all relevant touchpoints on the internet. They work to extract data from all available digital sources and convert them into understandable and digestible information for easy-to-follow examination and analysis. Moreover, tracking software offers actionable brand awareness strategies and which marketing programs will most feasibly perform. These software can be integrated into your SaaS and CRM to help you effectively track your customer’s journeys.

Brand tracking software should be appropriately chosen depending on your type of enterprise and the industry in which your company belongs. As it operates and runs in real-time, it generates instantaneous brand awareness measurement that informs you of your consumer perception and loyalty.

5. Business Growth in Direct Organic Traffic

Your choice of web analytics program displays the amount of direct traffic to your company website. Measurable on a day-to-day or month-by-month basis or, more accurately, over some time, this volume of traffic is directly proportional to your brand awareness growth.

If online users proactively go to your website by directly keying in your URL or your brand name on the search bar, you can conclude that more people remember your brand. It also equates to the popularity of your brand in a specific capacity on search engines.

Beyond measuring brand awareness via direct traffic, you should also closely look into your bounce rate. Pay attention to how much time people spend on your site to navigate through it, potentially getting to know your products more and comparing them. The longer they stay, the stronger your chances at higher conversion rates. In turn, the lower the bounce rate is, the better it is for your business.

6. Business growth in organic referral traffic

The amount and, more importantly, the quality of referral traffic your company website gets is yet another exciting brand awareness measurement. This metric does not only have to be consistently increasing, but it also needs to be relevant and valid. Bear in mind to not get caught up in vanity metrics that are primarily based on low-quality referrals. Getting referral traffic from credible referees and your real, actual brand loyalists or advocates is critical.

The importance of measuring brand awareness for your business

Gathering and streamlining well-structured brand awareness measurement metrics gives you a vivid insight into your company’s progress and how well your marketing efforts are paying off. Tracking brand awareness provides information about where your business is currently positioned within your particular market segment.

These are genuinely informative because they educate you on how to introduce your products better and gain more brand recognition and recall. You will know how to move forward when you utilize tactics and methodologies to measure brand recognition, which delivers accurate results. You will also know when the situation calls for you to change your course of actionable steps toward helping increase your brand awareness.

Measuring brand awareness in real-time vs. tracking brand awareness in point-in-time

Owing to the rapid evolution of technologies, how to measure brand recognition is much more innovative and faster nowadays than it used to be years prior. You are better equipped with the right tools that work more accurately and efficiently to your advantage and stand apart from your competition.

Here are the two reasons you need to keep an eye out for your brand awareness practices and metrics regularly and consistently.

Point-in-Time Data

This information offers you a look into the past. They capture data from a previous period, usually up to three years back.

Since brand awareness is constantly shifting and fluctuating depending on season and your competition, point-in-time brand awareness measurement helps you understand what worked for your business in the past and what did not.

In light of this, you will know which brand awareness campaigns may be effectively repurposed and replicated and which ones to avoid in the present.

Continuous Real-Time Data

Real-time and continuous tracking of brand awareness offers you a look into the future. This method of measuring brand awareness provides you with pinpoint accuracy and greater sensitivity to sudden spikes or drops in your web traffic, to cite an example.

Unlike point-in-time data, which delivers legacy information, real-time data helps you ideate and execute more forward-thinking brand recognition initiatives. It assists you in coming up with more informed campaign projects that are future-facing, lasting, and possibly evergreen.

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