Cutting edge recruitment platform extends it’s technology partnership with V2STech to bring in innovation into hiring for high-growth companies. Business owners can choose any of the subscription business models of the recruitment SaaS product and improve their hiring process; and scale up without incurring huge upfront costs.

As a part of product enhancement, client wanted an enterprise-class combined form and API data management. This allows multiple workflows would be combined with form-based processes to simplify the complex enterprise application. Multi-tenant functionality is desired when implementing multiple forms for various business use cases/customers. Considering from a design perspective too, forms play a considerable role in product UX transformation. Even small features such as flexibility to create single or tab based forms can enhance customer experience.

Our proposed solution will include features and support for:

  • Accessible components
  • Validation
  • Design flexibility
  • Linked database
  • GUI

By combining talent and technology, our team at V2STech has successfully delivered product upgrades and continue to enhance the SaaS-based application to make hiring simple and fast.

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