APIs Product Development SaaS

Generating new revenue stream by monetizing API from existing SaaS application

Businesses can pivot and generate new revenue stream from their existing SaaS application features by monetizing the API.

Microservices Product Development

Simplify microservices architecture with API

Adopting a data API gateway is a great way to simplify development and reduce maintenance cost for microservices architectures.

API gateway
Microservices Product Development

How API gateway can help with microservice challenges

API gateway can enable product teams manage the entire API lifecycle better. Get better control from publishing API to managing access for all users.

Integration Microservices

Using Kong Gateway for repetitive service components

Placing Kong at the center of the ideal design allows the complexity of application’s service-tier APIs to be reduced.

Integration Product design Software development

3 things to consider for software integration solutions

When planning software integration consider these three things to make your integration process hassle free.