Integration SaaS Software development

Steps to migrate existing application to microservices

We chalk out a plan for migrating existing applications to microservices which enables organizations to realize benefits of microservice architecture.

event-driven architecture
Integration SaaS Software development

Benefits of event-driven architecture

Many popular companies work with event-driven such as leading cab aggregator apps, food ordering apps, banking apps. All of them share a smart use of real-time information provided by the customers, IoT networks, and movements in the market.

Integration SaaS UI / UX

Frontend in microservice – micro frontends

Splitting frontend monoliths into smaller, simpler chunks that can be developed, tested and deployed independently is called micro frontends.

event driven architecture
Integration SaaS Software development

What is Event driven architecture?

Microservices architecture is a new add-on that enables segregation of complex apps, making them easier to manage and deploy.