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Product Development SaaS Software development

How to select the right software development outsourcing vendor for your SaaS projects

Finding the perfect IT vendor for your software development with the right dedicated teams and solution expertise can be quite a challenge.

Product Development SaaS Software development

Which engagement model is right for your SaaS development?

Your project journey starts with selecting the right engagement model for building your SaaS. It also sets the tone between you & your development partner.

Software development

How to plan your budget for an Agile software development project

Following practical and industry standard agile software development budget-setting mechanisms, one can avoid budget overruns and achieve successful project completion.

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Code review best practices for SaaS and software products

Code reviews are essential for product design and SaaS app development. It helps in maintaining a strong codebase and ultimately build better experience for customers.

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Application security checklist

While developing and deploying application developer should check following checklist to secure application from attacker. With the help of automation

Online Payment Product design

How to integrate Bharat QR on custom hosted checkout page (online payment integration)

Bharat QR is a QR based payment solution that can be used to make person to merchant payments using Bharat.

payment gateway checklist
Online Payment Product design

Payment Gateway (PG) implementation checklist

Checklist for Payment Gateway(PG) integration Always use HTTPS (secure) protocol for All payment gateway pages. Every internal/external API call. To