Despite a number of chatbot tools and natural language processing tools being available chatbots and natural language processing technology can throw up a few challenges.

We have a lot of elements in our speech that a chatbot would have to process and analyze to make any sense. Though seemingly small, below aspects of speech can throw an untrained chatbot off the track:

  • Slang / abbreviations
  • Errors in spelling
  • Different dialects, accents
  • Understanding the context

People can understand these meanings and make sense by combining speech with voice pitch, tone, facial expressions, body language etc. A machine can not make any contextual meaning from voice or text inputs. So using NLP we train the chatbots to make inferences and try to understand the meaning of what a user is saying.

Though abundant platforms and tools available for building chatbots, they are mostly for basic chatbots. Let’s take a look at platforms that can help you add NLP to your chatbots to get the most out of it.

1. Dialogflow

Dialogflow is a natural language understanding platform that makes it easy for developers to design and integrate intelligent, robust conversational user interfaces into mobile, web applications, and devices. This platform allows developers to build AI based chatbots with speech-to-text, natural language processing. They can also be trained and built with custom functionalities.

Dialogflow runs on the Google Cloud Platform, letting you scale to hundreds of millions of users. It provides easy one-click integration for deploying bots with popular platforms like Slack, Facebook, Hangouts, Telegram, Kik, Skype, Twilio and more. Built-in domains of knowledge are also available in Dialogflow for few common conversation scenarios. These are mostly in English language. It also provides intelligent conversational interfaces for Speech to Text and Text to Speech capabilities.

2. is a free to use and extensible NLP engine for building chatbots. The platform started out as a Y-combinator startup and got acquired by Facebook for it’s speech recognition and voice interfaces. allows developers to build text or voice based chatbots. This becomes all the more easy with publicly available models from community. Once can easily clone a project and start building NLP chatbot.

Wit supports programming language and integration with Node js, Python, Ruby clients. However, the SaaS engine is not provide in support, so calling external services require to be implemented outside the platform. Wit also has multi-lingual support for close to 50 languages.


LUIS (Language Understanding Intelligent Service) is part of the Microsoft Cognitive Services package. LUIS was introduced with Microsoft Bot Framework and allowed easy integration with Microsoft Azure.

It allows building applications with a web interface without coding. The platform has collection of pre-built intents and entities making it easier to start a new project. It also has models from Cortana to recognize entities such as places, time etc. The system returns data in an easy to use JSON format for developers.

4. Pandorabot:

Pandorabots is another popular web service for building and deploying chatbots. It provides a feature-rich UI designed to help developer create AI based chatbot.

Developers can build conversational AI for applications with API access and software development kits. Over 225 developers have registered and over 3 billion interactions were made. It allows you to extend your chatbots by calling APIs or DBs using pre-built, open-source connectors for math, weather etc. The platform also provides easy integration with Facebook messenger, Line, Telegram, Twilio, Telegram, Twitter and more.

5. Kore.AI

It is the only chatbot platform built with the enterprise in mind. One can build NLP ready chatbots that use machine language and AI to complete all types of tasks. It allows customization of responses and use session specific context and data points for user responses. also offers SDKs as a group of platform-specific client libraries that offer a fast and convenient way to get chatbots into custom applications and provides additional controls. They can be integrated into other platforms such as Facebook, Telegram, Skype, Alexa.

Let’s build your chatbot!

With custom development using these platforms, you can make your chatbot using NLP complex and unique. There are no limitations on how and where you can integrate and deploy such chatbots. You can add your unique set of features, intents, call to actions, responses; all tailor made for your business. You can choose a team of python developers with expertise in AI and machine learning to help you with complex chatbots. And they can custom build and integrate the AI chatbot with your online business or mobile app.

If you have got any questions on NLP chatbots development, we are here to help. You are welcome to book a free consultation by dropping a mail at

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