Your project journey starts with selecting the right engagement model for building your SaaS and also setting tone for relationships with the software development partner. Depending on the project concept, size, timelines and strategy, you can choose an optimal IT engagement model with the service provider. Choosing the most efficient engagement model lays a solid foundation for the successful delivery of your project.

A project engagement model chalks out the specifics of collaboration between you and IT vendor during the project development. Engagement models specify the way software specialists are engaged and assigned roles in the project, project ownership, billing terms, timelines, reporting hierarchy, expected milestones and timelines etc.

The various engagement models are characterized by a the working mode, billing terms and the level of vendor team’s project engagement. Let’s explore the most popular engagement model scenarios and which one is more suitable for your SaaS software project.

1. Dedicated Team

Dedicated teams are best for team augmentation. Here you can select software specialists based on your domain and technology preference. In such arrangements the technical scope, technology stack, expected tasks or feature enhancements are well documented and the project milestones are agreed upon accordingly.

Such dedicated teams work on specific project only and collaborate with client’s in-house team for the project direction. The project management and delivery timelines are defined and driven by the client’s core team. Such an arrangement allows one to fast-track software development and add new feature to SaaS quickly.

In such an arrangement the engagement commercials are simple wherein the charges are linked to hourly rates of each software specialist and multiply as per the team size. This is suitable for both short and long duration projects wherein the technical scope and functional feature and clearly defined along with realistic deadline. The dedicated teams can support client’s time zone for better collaboration and on-time delivery.

2. Outstaffing / Resource staffing

Startups and business often opt for outstaffing when filling in void of certain software specialist such as UI/UX designer, quality assurance tester, typescript developer etc. IT staffing is suitable for both small scale and large scale projects wherein expertise is required for project specific tasks. Such IT resources are handpicked by the client from vendor’s talent pool to match their technical requirements and expectations.

This is advantageous for startups wherein they may require extra resources or technical  specialists for certain project milestones. It also offers flexibility to easily augment the cire team with any specialist to overcome the project challenges and go to market faster.

3. Time and Material model

Most SaaS applications are products of continuous development, refinement and stacking of multiple integrations. This requires a great deal of flexibility in the SaaS and software MVP development projects. A time and material model is basically pay-as-you-go arrangement. It allows flexibility, encourages communication, and ultimately leads to software development projects that are very close to the mark of the original business idea. With Agile model such an engagement offers flexibility to incorporate any new changes at any point in development. It encourages fluidity and dynamism, giving you greater control over the activities of the custom software development. With regular reviews and project update, it gives you a granular control over project’s progress and delivery. It brings in transparency in terms of project costs as you pay only for what you will receive. Though it is a pay-as-you-go arrangement, the cost estimates are on-point with the project specifications.

Choosing the right engagement model:

When you contract an IT vendor for dedicated developers engagement model, you get to work with software specialists who champion the vision creating positive impact in society through digital transformation . Hence, when you hire dedicated developers from a top rated software development company, you can expect the developers to handle any new changes or additional integrations with greater efficiency.

When you’re ready to get started, be sure to contact us, and we’ll work with you to make your project a success.

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