A strong technological stack lays the foundation for your software product. It is therefore very critical to choose an appropriate frontend, backend and middleware technology stack, which intertwines at on multiple levels in a complex SaaS app. The traditional SaaS apps built using Apache server were resource-heavy, compromising the speed of the application. It also posed several security challenges with it.

For those who wished to push the boundaries further, MERN stack turned out to be a blessing. MongoDB, Express, React, and Node i.e. MERN stack collectively offer a compelling package for a fully functional e-commerce website. The NoSQL based database i.e. MongoDB was scalable, JavaScript made the workflow was more homogeneous and made data transmission and transitions between frontend and backend seamless.

Let’s take a look at other benefits of building using MERN:

Ease of development:

As only one programming language is used it becomes easy to build a web app. It becomes an ideal choice for making Minimum Viable Project (MVP) or a working product demo quickly.

Better Performance:

ExpressJS is a lightweight JavaScript open source framework for node.js and allows the capability to handle a series of actions, that too asynchronously such as http requests, authentications, error-handling etc. Being asynchronous, single threaded, fast and helps in building robust API and applications.

It also helps to build the web applications into an MVC architecture on the server-side.

Thus in comparison MERN clearly brings in noticeable performance increase and boosts the speed of the application many folds.

More secure:

MERN stack applications can be easily integrated with secure devops environment and hosting providers. Along with ensuring the durability of data storage, these integration help in device and user security management with secure user login and signups.

High Scalability:

SaaS applications are ever evolving and need to be scalable in architecture. MERN stack is highly flexible and scalable in nature with Node.js maximizing processing capabilities and MongoDB – the NoSQL database, being highly scalable in nature and compatible with cloud storage.

Code Reusability:

Reactjs components are highly reusable and makes it easier to implement best practices. Also, this boosts up developer productivity and reduces the turn around time drastically.

React code is also re-usable for cross-platform mobile app development. These production-approved reusable components hence allow seamless and quick development of SaaS modules, allowing you to create a usable production version at minimal turnaround time.

Flexible Modifications:

Thanks to reusable code, modularity and seamless integration with cloud platform, it becomes very easy to test codes and make modifications in them remotely. This reduces the time of developing and testing the application and enables quick and effective alterations in the application.

Cost effective:

MERN is a cost-effective stack with open-source support, accessible set-up and reduced learning time. For many applications it may have the lowest development cost. Further savings are a result of MongoDB being able to run on commodity hardware. The technology gives out on-demand and pay-as-you-go pricing, along with 24/7 global support.
Proven stack technologies like MERN are universal programming languages due to their single language usage, making them perfect for projects of every scale.
The long-term value and ROI you will gain from MERN stack for your SaaS is simply exemplary.

MERN is the right stack indeed

The advantages offered by these MERN technologies are hard to overlook. The flexible architecture of MERN supports cloud-powered database that can handle millions of transactions and provides quality user interfaces. They offer enhanced speed for data retrieval and flexibility in deployments that makes them a perfect fit for SaaS. The ease of adapting your development team and product for MERN can enable you to build faster. And thanks to strong community support for the open-source technologies and libraries you get peace of mind and cost savings!

Let’s begin building your app!

We at V2STech Solutions have over 7 years of experience building cross platform apps for e-governance, edutech, healthcare, field force management, power and utilities, fintech and much more.

To get a helping hand in building your SaaS, adapting MERN for your product you can reach out to us at sales@v2stech.com. We have over 15 years of expertise building robust, scalable and cloud ready SaaS and web apps using open-source frameworks.

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